‘We raise living standards for people, families and communities, keeping them safe and making the possibilities of tomorrow a reality today’


‘We work together to lead in the provision of safe and sustainable property solutions and services that protects our customers, benefits the environment and enhances communities and the lives of our employees.’


  • We will unite to make the possibilities of tomorrow a reality today
  • We will support one another to develop, succeed and grow

  • We will ensure that our customers homes and places of work meet the regulatory compliance standards to keep them safe

  • We will strive to continuously improve our end to end specialist services for the housing and property sector

  • We will embrace the power and potential of science and technology to raise people’s living standards

  • We will commit to investing in renewable & green energy solutions to provide a sustainable future

  • We will regenerate unused spaces and brownfield sites

  • We will set new benchmarks for performance on investor, charitable organisation and government goals

  • We will build on our core competences to expand the breadth and depth of our offering

  • We will broaden and deepen our areas of expertise through continuous research and training