Before and after the new hoarding had been installed. Drag the slider for before and after

We deliver general building services to Hackney Council, including planned refurbishment, repairs, void works and support to Hackney’s DLO. We deliver all major and minor internal and external repairs to Hackney Council’s 50,000 residential properties including street properties, low and medium rise and tower blocks and work in occupied and void properties. We also deliver works in community halls and municipal buildings.

We have carried out works to tower blocks including:

  • Fire stopping works to tower blocks.
  • Active fire work in-house and work with supply chain partner.
  • Passive fire protection, including new door closures, new restrictors to windows, front entrance door replacement, fire signage, fire stopping around ducts.
  • Cladding panel inspections to numerous blocks within the borough.
  • Concrete repair, lift motor room re-build, bin refuge relocation owing to fire risk posed due to its close position to the block.
  • Concrete repair, walkway and balcony floor coating and full external decoration.
  • Health and safety works which incorporate spalling concrete and brickwork to the external fabric of buildings including full make safe with a cherry picker and the inspection of communal staircases to ensure safety.
  • Window restrictors installations.

We have a Reactive Office Site based in Downs Road, Hackney which has recently received a makeover in conjunction with Hackney Council.

Left of the gate completed

Right of the gate completed

Hackney Council’s hoarding further along the fence

Hackney Council’s hoarding further along the fence

In June last year Purdy’s parent company rebranded and changed its name to Kinovo, hence the Kinovo/Purdy branded hoarding. The name Kinovo was derived through a series of workshops that included our employees; “kin” relates to family; our people, our subsidiaries, our clients and communities. It also forms part of the word “kinetic”; a type of motion that gains more energy as it accelerates. The word “novo” is from the Latin word meaning to make new. Combined, Kinovo reflects a renewed family with connected competence as its core.”

“Our Purdy Hackney Reactive Office, is managed by Hackney Contract Manager Sam Marchington and is an extremely important part of our company. We love how the team have creatively upcycled a 3 piece bathroom suite that was removed from a local void property.” Said Pippa Pang, Kinovo’s Social Value and Marketing Manager.

Sam Marchington, Purdy – Hackney Contract Manager

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