Communal garden undergoing regeneration work

We are proud to be increasing the amount of volunteer projects that we get involved in. We are looking for local projects within the local communities where we have existing contracts, so that we can offer to help out.

This community garden space is in a Peabody estate in Chingford.

Walking around this local estate in Chingford and speaking to the community residents we found out that this is such an important space, not only for growing crops, the new pond that we will be putting in, but also for social interaction and mental wellbeing. The residents have all been very keen to get involved with the clearance of the weeds and being part of the progress of this site. All this contributes to a great example of a social value project that is going to enhance a green space in this residential area.

Left to right : Laura Spackman – Contract Administrator, Victoria Ryan – Contract Administrators, Vince Amorelli – Peabody Contract Manager.

Dan Baldwin

Vince Amorelli manages the Communal Electrical Contract for Peabody Housing Association, so we went along to their local community centre to speak to Ellie Ward the Peabody Community Centre Manager find out if there was anything that they might like our help with. As it turned out there was quite a lot that they would appreciate us to help out with. They run the ‘Food Pantry’ from that site and we did a collection and delivered that just in time for Christmas last year. We can always do this on a regular basis.

Ellie also suggested that they would really like some help with communal garden projects that would make such an amazing difference to so many people across the community.

1) Community centre patio makeover and 2) Regenerating a community garden

Dan Baldwin worked out the costing for each project and together with the subcontractors; AP Electrical, Willow Services Ltd, RDS Fire and Security, NRG Elextrix and the Peabody Foundation themselves we were able to agree to go ahead with both projects.

Dan Baldwin has since been doing great job managing both of these projects along with help from Aaron Stanislaus, John King and Steven Nicholas.

Aaron Stanislaus

John King And Steven Nicholas

The site before and during the early the days of the project – a lot of work to do.