We recently announced the launch of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Impact Report for the 2022-23 fiscal year for Kinovo, which incorporates Purdy, Dunhams and Spokemead. An indication of our direction of travel and speed with which we’re driving forward the ESG agenda in our sector, we’ll be taking a closer look at the numbers behind the report: today we’ll look at the environmental steps forward that have been made.

E is for Environment

As everyone knows, carbon emissions are the leading cause of global warming. Guidance from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is clear: companies must look beyond their operational boundaries and their Scope 1 and 2 emissions (electricity, gas and fleet in the main) and consider their Scope 3 emissions. Also known as indirect emissions, Scope 3 often presents around 90% of a company’s carbon footprint and includes CO2 emissions from upstream and downstream activities.

We took a bold and exciting step in January 2023 by making a public commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2040 – ten years earlier than the UK Government’s “Build Back Greener” plan. Our roadmap to achieve this target sets out the critical milestones we need to hit in our pursuit. The first major milestone is to cut our direct and indirect CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030. Our ambitious environmental goals are therefore laser-focused on paving the way to a Net Zero future and creating an engine of opportunities for our Housing Association and Local Authority clients as well as the communities where we live, work and travel.

Environment: top line highlights

  • 34.6% reduction in Scope 1 direct emissions
  • 13.3% reduction in Scope 2 indirect emissions (market based)
  • 15.6% reduction in Scope 3 indirect emissions
  • 36.2% reduction in intensity ratio tCO2e per million £ turnover (excluding Scope 3, category 1)
  • Installed solar panels, a ground source heat pump and a rainwater harvesting system at our head office

We have already achieved key reductions in energy, transport, waste, and business travel related emissions. We have done this by increasing our fleet’s access to electric vehicles, switching to LED lighting, installing 12 solar voltaic panels at head office, and making investments in low carbon technologies for heating and electrical power generation. We’re also making steps towards insulating our buildings, and have reduced unnecessary international travel, which contributes towards our carbon footprint. We are also continually examining how we can avoid buying and using single-use items, as well as avoiding items that are made from scarce resources, or are difficult to recycle. We have shifted our preference to items that include recycled materials.

Next steps

We will continue to reduce all scope emissions including the emissions we are directly responsible for and those that lie in our supply chain. In 2023 the business grew significantly with new clients, frameworks, services and projects which naturally had an impact on our absolute emissions, meaning in the short term we saw a temporary upward spike in emissions. To mitigate this and re-direct our net zero journey, we will ensure the continuation of our robust plan, which includes making ‘greener’ procurement decisions and working more closely with suppliers to actively encourage carbon-reducing behaviour, such as electrifying their own vehicles etc. We will shortly be carrying out a Supplier Carbon Survey where we’ll be asking our supply chain for details on their net zero and carbon offsetting plans, carbon footprint, external third-party validation, materials provided (kg) delivery distances travelled (km/miles) electricity used (kWh) and the big one in our sector, fuel used (litres/m3/kWh). We will continue to engage with our supply chain and drive improved environmental performance and wherever possible, minimise the needless travel of raw materials across the globe, especially when more local options exist.

In summary, with more detail in the attached reports / available to download below, Kinovo is steadfastly committed to acting as a catalyst for change in our operations and in the communities we serve. We remain focused on achieving our targets while continuing to provide services that enhance people’s living standards through providing sustainable property solutions


Kinovo releases second Net Zero Carbon Reduction plan update – Kinovo Plc