Welcome from The Chief Executive Officer

Kinovo plc is a leading UK provider of specialist property services centred on safety and regulatory compliance, home and community regeneration and sustainable living through the installation of efficient and greener energy alternatives.

We focus on three key strategic pillars, all of which ensure we are well placed to meet the long-term macro-economic drivers of our customers that are underpinned by Government legislation and policy.

Assuring safety and regulatory compliance standards in homes and places of work

Creating and enhancing dwellings and workplaces to support sustainable and resilient communities

Providing energy efficient solutions that reduce carbon footprint

These areas build on our current focus and reflect our ambition to be a leading UK provider of end-to-end specialist services within the housing and property sector that support our customers to meet their own compliance and sustainability goals.

Our markets require vital, essential services that are generally consistent in their demand and non-discretionary in their nature.  These specialist technical areas add value to our customer base, affording higher margins and higher barriers to entry; they are founded on long-term customer relationships that offer recurring revenues and good visibility of future earnings potential.

The Group has four long-established and complementary subsidiaries: Purdy, Spokemead, DCB (Kent) and R. Dunham. With a centralised framework of functions such as Finance, HR, IT, Bids and Sales and Marketing, we facilitate cohesion and collaboration between subsidiaries, providing them with the beneficial resources of a larger company, whilst ensuring the highest standards of governance and controls, assuring efficiencies and service consistency as well as providing economies of scale as we grow.  In turn, this framework provides the subsidiaries with greater autonomy and operational focus to drive growth, deliver superior customer service levels and create value for all our stakeholders.

Whilst our current geographic focus is predominantly in London and the South-East, we have started to expand our reach in a controlled manner so that all our contracts are close enough to be managed effectively and efficiently, safeguarding our priority to deliver work to the highest quality standards and level of service.

Our objective to deliver consistent, sustainable and profitable growth will be primarily be driven organically.  However, the strength of the underlying cash generative qualities of the business will facilitate complimenting this with targeted earnings-enhancing acquisitions that broaden and deepen our expertise in our three key strategic pillars, expand our geographic reach and offer an opportunity for consolidation within our fragmented markets.  Successful integration will result in synergies through increased collaboration of subsidiaries, improved efficiency and cost-savings, whilst driving further revenue and market share growth.

Our customer base is dominated by relationships with Local Authorities and Housing Associations, servicing the social and affordable housing sector but also include public buildings and education, as well as the commercial and private sector.  The very nature of our work ensconces us within the heart of sustainability in all its aspects; Environmental, Social and Governance.

We are proud to have the privilege of undertaking this significant responsibility and fully committed to creating value and making a positive difference whilst contributing to a better future for us all; our employees, our clients, our communities and our shareholders.

Welcome to Kinovo.