John Lord presenting Benji with his voucher for EoTM June 2022

A tough field of nominations for June, but Benji Oliver, Purdy Build’s Apprentice Plumber, came out on top with 12 of the 32 votes cast for Purdy’s EoTM.

Benji is pictured opposite, stood outside the LBWF social value project, which won him the nomination, from Pippa Pang, who said:

“I would like to nominate .. Benji Oliver for Engineer of the month. Benji is an Apprentice Plumber but demonstrated the Innovative value by his flexibility in adapting his skillset to a decorating job being carried out for LBWF Social Value. He was also very professional demonstrating the Reputable value when carrying out the decorating duties and modelling for the pictures that needed to be taken for the project. Benji works in the Purdy Build Team and is enthusiastically collaborating with Dave Berry’s team to carry out the decorating job, contributing to the fast pace of this project, demonstrating our Successful value. Work Together for the success of everyone. Thanks Benji.”

Benji Oliver

Benji has been with the Group just over 8 years, joining at 18 years of age, and started his career as a plumber’s mate, deciding a few years later to then pursue his ambition of becoming a fully qualified Plumber. He has successfully completed all his plumbing exams now, and is awaiting just one last Certification to realise his qualification.

Anyone who’s met Benji will testify that he is an enthusiastic, polite, and respectful young man and this Award is well deserved.

A voucher was presented to Benji on 13th July at Head Office by John Lord, MD of Purdy who said:

“Congratulations Benji on demonstrating our Values and thank you for your enthusiasm and efforts on this project. Many congratulations to all the Nominees for June; there were tough choices on the voting to be made, so I also thank everyone who took the time to comment & register your vote last week.”