Charlie Harris and Nicola Eyers dazzled us all at the Teens Unite Fighting Cancer Strictly Dancing Ball earlier this month.

Held at Grosvenor House in London, the event saw 500 guests coming together to support a great cause.

The night was packed with wonderful performances. We loved watching Charlie Harris, Contracts Manager at PURDY CONTRACTS LIMITED and Nicola Eyers, our brilliant Contracts Administrator, and their incredible routines.

Charlie took on the challenge of learning the Jive to “Jailhouse Rock”. This was a big leap from his usual activities like football and golf, but his hard work paid off. His enthusiasm and sense of humour was evident throughout the performance.

Nicola embraced the challenge of the Cha-Cha to “Love Shack”. Despite having to switch her routine three weeks in, Nicola showed great determination and brought heaps of energy to her performance.

Together, all the dancers and supporters of the event have helped raise an amazing £104,000 for Teens Unite Fighting Cancer, which will go a long way in supporting teenagers and young adults facing cancer.