Our parent company Bilby plc (AIM: BILB) announces that the Company is unveiling a change of name and new corporate identity. This reflects the fundamental changes and realignment that have taken place and re-positions the business for the future. Following the Board’s approval, Bilby plc will now be renamed Kinovo plc (“Kinovo”) with immediate effect. This revitalised corporate identity represents a new chapter for the Group.

As a result of the change of name, the Company’s stock market ticker will change tomorrow to KINO and its ISIN will remain unchanged. The change of name will not affect any rights of shareholders and existing share certificates should be retained as they will remain valid and no new share certificates will be issued.

Message from David Bullen – CEO

Kinovo provides electrical, mechanical, building repair and maintenance, as well as construction services, through four long-established and complementary subsidiaries. Working together and sharing centralised functions, Kinovo will focus on three key strategic pillars to broaden and deepen its areas of specialism and expertise across the UK:

Regulation – Assuring safety and regulatory compliance standards in homes and places of work

Regeneration – Creating and enhancing dwellings and workplaces to support sustainable and resilient communities

Renewables – Providing energy efficient solutions that reduce carbon footprint

These areas build on our current focus and reflect our ambition to be a leading UK provider of end-to-end specialist services within the housing and property sector.

David Bullen, Chief Executive of Bilby plc, commented:

“As a Board, we believed the time was right for a re-brand, having steered the business through a successful turnaround and wishing to now look to the future with a reinvigorated purpose.
We are therefore delighted to announce our new name and brand identity.  The name Kinovo was derived through a series of workshops that included our employees; “kin” relates to family; our people, our subsidiaries, our clients and communities.  It also forms part of the word “kinetic”; a type of motion that gains more energy as it accelerates.  The word “novo” is from the Latin word meaning to make new. Combined, Kinovo reflects a renewed family with connected competence as its core.”

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